The Team


This is Riley, our Chairman of the Bored.


This is our COO, Cooper. She helps to manage our complicated filing system.


Owner Jim Gutman is a current Microsoft Partner and Small Business Specialist, as well as a certified Dell Reseller. He and his associates, with a combined 60 years of computer, IT, and network experience, are well versed in all facets of computer systems and networking including Windows Server, network security, and backup strategies. In addition to our associates, we are able to call on a wide array of manufacturer technical resources, if required. We pride ourselves on our ability to fix issues quickly and efficiently. We combine remote access and remote maintenance with scheduled on-site visits to provide you the very best level of service and efficiency at the lowest possible cost.


Ted is well experienced in the world of computers, as he’s been working on them since the 1980’s, where he developed his love for technology as he worked his way through his Computer Science degree at the University of Nebraska.
With his experience spanning over 30 years, Ted has honed his skills working for a number of software companies, on a large variety of computer systems in both the computer and military industries. Ted is experienced in serving in technical support, as well as sales and executive roles. What he enjoys most about his profession is using his technical skills and diverse business experiences to help people make the most out of their computers and technology.


Nathan has over six years of professional experience working within the consumer and small business technical support industry. Prior to joining the team at ComputER, Nathan operated his own computer and web design consulting company.
Nathan most enjoys working with computer and network security, digging into the most complex of issues, and working one-on-one with the client.


Ron serves our Chief Technical Officer, and has been a part of the ComputER team since 2010. He brings with his passion for providing business and technology solutions for small and medium sized businesses, bringing his industry knowledge and problem solving expertise to the SMB marketplace, since completing his education and earning his MBA from the University of South Dakota.
Ron has an additional passion for education and training, serving as an Adjunct Instructor in the Computer Science department at the University of Sioux Falls, and previously servicing Colorado Technical University and the University of Phoenix.
His most recent accomplishments include establishing the “(Un)Common Books™” brand, under which he co-authored six Microsoft Office and Windows related eBooks, which we can expect to see more of soon!

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