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Protecting sensitive data is integral to help companies establish a reputation as a secure and reliable business. Are you equipped to handle the latest cyber threats to your business?

Damage or loss to sensitive company data could cripple your operations. Your business stands to lose more than just potential revenue; with a highly-publicized data breach, you stand to lose your client base, and subsequently, your business.

Reports suggest that many American small business owners lack the necessary protection to safeguard their clients’ sensitive data from attackers. Information is always valuable and it would only be a matter of time before cybercriminals set their eyes on your business to steal the information that they need. The only question is – would you be able to protect your business against cyberattacks?

ComputER helps you establish your reputation as a secure and reliable business by implementing security protocols that keep your clients’ information safe. Contact us at (303) 800--9985 or send us an email at to get in touch with a cyber-security expert.

Businesses in the medical field are often at-risk for cyber-attacks, as personal health information is often times more valuable than financial details, and because of this many medical offices lack the necessary protection to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) from attackers.

Attacks on medical offices have become increasingly widespread. So much so that the government decided to put up a “Wall of Shame”, or the HHS Breach Portal to drive medical offices to beef up their security against cyber-attacks. The HHS Breach portal publishes the names of medical offices that suffered breaches that affected 500 or more individuals.

ComputER offers a complete suite of security offerings to protect your business against cyber-attacks, including but not limited to:

  • Network Security Protection – uses network traffic data to monitor for any malicious activity that may harm your system.
  • Anti-virus System – a combination of centralized and managed anti-virus systems to ensure that your system is completely free from viruses or any malware that may threaten your system.
  • Email/Spam Filtering – close monitoring of email exchanges to prevent the spread of viruses through email attachments.
  • HIPAA and Meaningful Use Assessment and Implementation – implementing all processes to meet the stringent requirements of HIPAA and Meaningful Use guidelines.

Safeguard your business from cyber attacks and establish your business as a reliable partner that your clients can trust. ComputER takes care of the complexities of cyber security so you can focus on running your business. Contact us at (303) 800--9985 or send us an email at to know more about our services.

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