Non Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations have technology needs that are specific, and unlike any other industry.

ComputER understands this, and in turn, offers a range of technology solutions that meet the unique needs of such an organization.

We know that running a non-profit organization oftentimes means overcoming resource limitations, but we offer IT services that work within such constraints while still providing the tools and solutions necessary to be effective.

To learn more about how ComputER is able to cater to the needs of non-profit organizations contact us at (303) 800--9985 or send an email to

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced experts strategically manage your entire infrastructure, ensuring that all the tools required for effective security, maximum up-time, and optimal performance are in place. By trusting your IT needs to ComputER you are able to focus on the important work you do. Partnering with us will provide the following benefits:

  • Customized Services – your organization is unique, and so are its technology needs. We offer a range of customizable solutions that allow you to take advantage of the tools and resources you can use to your advantage, without paying for a host of options that are not beneficial.
  • Business Continuity – having access to your resources and information when needed is critical. That’s why we provide business continuity solutions that ensure your important data and applications are properly protected and preserved for when it’s needed most.
  • Comprehensive Security – security should not be taken lightly, and we don’t. We offer a range of comprehensive security solutions that ensure your networks, servers, resources, and information are properly protected at all times.
  • Dependable Technology That Meets Your Unique Needs- non-profit organizations require special technology and tools to be effective in their role. We provide the solutions you need to minimize operating costs, effectively communicate, and maximize productivity.

With ComputER on the job there is no need for generic solutions that fail to properly meet your needs. Contact us at (303) 800--9985 or to further discuss how our offerings can benefit your non-profit organization.

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